I believe that the positive transformation comes from inside of each of us and when the individuals connect, they can bring profound and sustainable changes in their life and community.
Here are success stories from several of my clients.

Anne M.

Brenda was really friendly and eager to help me realize my ambitions. She offered a Harrison Assessment link and 30-min. debrief. After taking the test, we ended up discussing the results for over an hour. Her enthusiasm and interest make her a joy to talk with. Look forward to working with her further 😊

Carly S.

I really enjoyed working with Brenda and appreciate the time she spent going over the results of my Harrison assessment with me. It was great to see all my areas of strength and weakness and now use this report as a road map to my personal and professional success! Brenda has been such a supportive and helpful coach through this process and I highly recommend her!

Brenda K.

Brenda opened up a type of self-awareness for me that I never knew existed! She has a professional yet friendly way of highlighting the aspects of my career and personal relationships that make it easier for me to understand "how I work" and work with others. I loved how she showed me how to interpret the results of the assessment so I could get a good grasp on what it meant. I highly recommend working with Brenda!

Derrick E.

Brenda was enlightening, and her use of the Harrison Assessment provided a fascinating blue print that helped her shed light on my personality strengths and weaknesses. Brenda then showed me how I, myself, tend to list these personality traits and behaviors, in order of self-importance. Brenda was clear in her method of explaining the results of the assessment, and a true professional when helping me address what I felt should be changed and/or improved upon.

Mark R.

Brenda is a phenomenal coach who combines her inner wisdom and intuition with very practical and sound guidance, using the Harrison Reports. I've been working with Brenda for several months and she has helped me through some difficult times with her really great insights and ideas. Brenda is an expert coach who continues to impress me with her dedication, compassion and "big picture" thinking. I would give her 10 stars, if I could and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for motivation, accountability, direction and clarity.

Sarah B.

I was an executive in the banking industry for over 30 years. I was very blessed to meet with Brenda First and through her coaching, guidance and reinforcing my decisions she always made me feel really great about the career choices I made. Her coaching is never judgmental, just factual and supportive. Her consulting and the tools she uses are the best in the industry and helped me build on my strengths so I can take my business and dealings with others to the next level. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance in any phase of their personal or professional growth needs.

Bill S.

Brenda is a wonderful coach/consultant. She has both experience and certified qualifications that she provides for her clients. She is a true professional. Her extensive use of the Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions (HATS) questionnaire is fascinating and tremendously enlightening. I personally learned so much about myself and how I interact with the world. HATS is such a powerful tool for individuals, couples, and organizations. It provides an enormous amount of personality insight into people, their natural preferences, and what 'makes them tick'. The assessment is also a great way for companies to find, develop, and maintain their best candidate(s) for any and all positions for hire. I highly recommend Brenda First Consulting for individuals, couples, and organizations that want to explore their most in-depth understandings and needs.