Here are more success stories from my clients.

Anne S.

I have experienced Brenda First in action many times as her peer and colleague and am always impressed with her insight, persistence, and intelligence in the career coaching, business coaching, and interpersonal arenas. Brenda has so much to offer anyone looking to improve or build upon their strengths personally and professionally. Brenda consistently delivers above and beyond for her clients AND she is sincere, positive and a joy to work with.

David D.

Brenda is poised consciousness present, connected, grateful, creative, and lighthearted. Joining into this 'state of poised optimism', we contribute to the future, our full powers at our disposal, our love flowing, looking, breathlessly into infinity.

Rich S.

Working with Brenda was great! She listened to me and then she would explore a solution with me that was relevant to my situation from my Harrison Reports. The information provided was amazing, practical and easy to understand. I am grateful to have meet Brenda and glad to be a client of Brenda First Consulting and being coached by Brenda during a career transition using the Harrison Career Navigation Reports from an Actor to MBA Grad and the business world.

Larry S.

Thank you for your guidance, you've found your calling. There is a saying that goes “you don’t know what you don’t know”. So why not learn something about yourself that your family and friends cannot or do not know how to tell you.

Karin C.

I came to Brenda looking for some much-needed analysis into my current career path in law. Although my career is both fruitful and successful in conventional terms, I am curious about other challenges that might be a better fit for me (now that I am in my early 30s and have a better sense of myself.) I then took the Harrison Assessment and had my first consultation with Brenda. Off the bat, I found Brenda to be extremely warm, insightful and adept at interpreting the test results. The Harrison Assessment is INCREDIBLY useful, accurate, and, in my opinion, a must-use tool for job seekers, career people, employers alike. It's a great tool to learn what motivates you, makes you tick in the work or relationship setting, and your various strengths and weakness when it comes to communication, teamwork, productivity, and more. It is particularly helpful in making sense of areas where one may have competing traits in the same area-- and putting that juxtaposition into context so that one can work towards an improved self. I highly recommend Brenda's services and cannot wait to continue working with her!


Sally was a 30 year old living in the London area and had started and dropped out of college several times, to her parents’ dismay. She had not found a job or career that she could stick with and had pursued photography and working in pubs. She took the HA Career assessment and scored high for Make-up Artist. She found a certification program in Make-up Artistry nearby, completed the course and loved the work. She has subsequently moved to Thailand, lives in a tourist area and works week-ends with bridal parties doing their make-up. She loves her life and is able to make enough money to work only weekends. Her parents are relieved that she finally found a job and career she loves!


David had just finished college with mediocre grades and a degree in Recreation. He loved sports, had done some coaching with children and thought her could make this a career. However, he found that the salary he would earn was very low and he became discouraged, so he took the HA Career assessment to learn what else he might do for a satisfying career. David scored very high for sales jobs; he had never considered a career in sales but was intrigued. He started interviewing, landed a job in financial product sales and has been moving up since that time which is over 5 years ago now. David loves his job and is earning a very high salary and he credits HA with finding his niche.


Melissa took the HA Career assessment in her late 20’s as she had a BA degree but had been working as a waitress since college and wanted to get serious about her career, however, she did not know what job to pursue. She scored very high for a Paralegal which surprised her. She researched the profession, found that with her college degree she could take a one-year fast-track program to complete her Paralegal certification, did so, and is now working as a very successful Paralegal. She has been promoted 3 times in 2 years and is earning over $100K in the Los Angeles area and loves her job.