If you are a company looking for the ideal candidate or if you are a job seeker, Harrison Assessments may be right for you.

Harrison Assessments matches your talents, traits, and values to specific jobs and industries. By completing an easy and quick questionnaire, the Harrison Assessment reports allow you to learn about yourself by revealing accurate insights, attitudes, beliefs and thought patterns that compliment career ideas and paths to success. Harrison Assessments offers companies an opportunity to fit top talent with company-specific jobs, a win/win for both sides..

Use the Harrison Assessment to develop talent management methods and personal preferences by aligning people's qualifications and passions with company-specific jobs. Your career choice has a big impact on your happiness and fulfillment. That’s why it’s important to find a career that aligns with your interests, traits, values and the things you like doing!

Thomas Phillips

We will use the Harrison Assessment to align your qualifications and passions with company-specific jobs. You’ll fulfill your highest potential in your career in the following ways:

  • Gain more focus and work more productively.
  • Feel greater confidence in who you are and where you’re heading.
  • Balance your work and personal life.
  • Create the changes necessary for you to fulfill your potential.
  • Inspire others.

Have questions? Check my FAQ for more information, or visit my Harrison Profile Page